Real Estate, Probate & Civil Litigation in San Marcos, TX
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Real Estate, Probate & Civil Litigation in San Marcos, TX
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About McGlothlin, Junkin & Wilde

Solving Real Problems for Our Community of Families and Businesses

We are committed to building relationships with our clients and growing with them. While we expertly guide clients through conflicts and zealously fight for them in lawsuits, we also offer practical advice on how to avoid litigation and costs. It begins and ends with honoring our relationship with the clients and building trust.

McGlothlin, Junkin & Wilde is committed to helping clients across Texas who have the need for legal assistance for issues involving real estate, estate planning and probate, civil litigation, business law, and family law. Being able to turn to an experienced firm during your time of need is very valuable and we pride ourselves on being able to help you effectively. We start every client relationship with a personal consultation so that we have an accurate understanding of your situation and that we can develop a strategy for you.

David Junkin, Attorney at McGlothlin, Junkin & Wilde

We Only Succeed When You Succeed

Going through a legal situation can be difficult and time-consuming. The process can take longer than you may expect. Patience is the key factor. You must keep your eye on the ball. Our clients have confidence and trust in us. By keeping our clients informed and maintaining good communication, we take the burden off your shoulders.

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Family Law

Our attorneys help you with family law legal issues, including divorce, suits affecting parent-child relationships, adoption, and more.  There are no cases that carry more emotion, so our job to be clinical about getting to your goals leaving you space to process the changes in your family.  But making sure you get all you are entitled to, whether that be time with your kids or your fair share of the accumulated property, puts you in the best position in your new life after the case is over.  The best approach is to avoid fights when possible, but to fight for what you are entitled to when that is what is required – we are prepared for either route.

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Business Law

You know your business and what you do better than anyone, but at some point, you will need a guide through how the law treats your business.  Whether you are ready to build a company or are having contract disputes, we are experienced experts in business law.  We work hard with clients we have had for decades making sure they take all the precautions possible to avoid disputes – whether with a partner, a customer, or the city or government.  If we come in after the dispute is already boiled over, we handle the legal side to protect you and keep you focused on keeping the business running.

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Real Estate Law

From transactions to co-tenants to HOAs to easements to confusing boundary lines, there are hundreds of legal issues that arise in property ownership.  And as the values of property increase in Central Texas, the amounts at stake have never been higher, making it all the more important to have experienced lawyers who can protect your interests.  We strive to give sound, legal and practical advise from the first time we meet so you can understand all of your options and make the best decision to protect what you own.

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Wills, Trusts & Probate

Start protecting the life that you built for your family by putting a reliable plan in place today.  Some situations may call for a trust, others for a will, but all call for a plan, and having an experienced lawyer help you can avoid leaving a mess for those you leave behind or avoid sending extra money to the government.  Then once you have lost a loved one, probating the will in a manner that is efficient and thorough honors the wishes of the loved one.  Most probated wills are smooth and uncontested, but just in case a contest breaks out, you need an experienced lawyer who is ready to go have a fight in court if that is what is called for to carry out the will faithfully.  Further, some of our loved ones need a guardian while they are alive because they can’t make decisions on their own, and there is no lawyer in the area with more guardianship experience than Charmaine Wilde.

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Civil Litigation

All types of civil disputes, family, contract, real estate, probate, will end up in court if they are not resolved.  All of our lawyers are prepared to go to court when that is what is called for.  We have the combined experience of more than a hundred trials, and we will work together to be prepared for your case.  Being ready to go the distance is the best route to getting cases resolved without having to go there, and we focus on the end from the beginning. 

MJW Attorney

Our Values

Personal Advocate
McGlothlin, Junkin & Wilde is small by design. Our attorneys personally manage every case or controversy they agree to take. Our staff is used to create value for the client and our collective talents combine into a team that is able to advance every client’s position. Overhead is kept to a minimum, so legal fees never become a bigger burden on the client than the case or dispute.

Flexible to Decisions
The design of our firm makes it very nimble and flexible to be whatever serves the client best — fierce defender, zealous advocate, cautious negotiator, or peacemaker. Every key decision is made by the client and our team — working together towards the client’s best interest.

Diligent Success
We value the confidence our clients have placed in us, and we succeed as they succeed. McGlothlin, Junkin & Wilde remains committed to solving real problems for people, families and small business in our community, and that will never change.